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      湖北楚胜汽车有限公司销售二分公司, 公司坐落在“炎帝神农故里”、“ 编钟古乐之乡”、“中国专用汽车之都”的随州国家高新技术产业园区。 
      In the process of development, the company always adheres to innovation drive and brand leadership, continuously improves product quality and management level, adheres to the road of scientific and technological innovation scale development, enhances the core competitiveness of enterprises, and the market share has increased year by year, the operating benefit is  improved steadily. In order to meet the new demands of the market under the “new normal” development model of Chinese economy, the enterprise accelerate the innovation drive and transformation and upgrading, and the products are transforming into new energy, intelligent and lightweight. Relying on CRRC City Transportation Co., Ltd.'s advantages in brand, technology, resources and other aspects, try to build the growth pole of special automobile characteristic industry, boost Hubei Chusheng Vehicle Co., Ltd. to become futher bigger and stronger, and achieve the development goal of 10 billion yuan in five years.

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